Security System

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Security System



  • Access Control Systems
  • GPS Vehicle tracking and fleet Management 
  • DVR, NVR, Analog Cameras, PTZ, HD Cameras
  • IP Network Cameras
  • School Security Systems
  • Home Automation Systems
Security System

We help you create and maintain a strong security foundation with interconnected solutions that span the enterprise. From single door, access control systems, to fully integrated security management systems, our team have optimized our innovative hardware to take full advantage of today's powerful computer technology. State-of-theart software interacts with advanced hardware to provide precision control in any situation. Customizable functions for each customer's unique requirements are possible, providing control of doors, elevators, CCTV cameras, school security systems, home automation systems and more.

Control Access
Access Control System
Acess Control System

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Access Control Systems


Electronic Access Control systems provide additional security by enforcing time rules, by raising alarm in the event of unauthorized attempts to gain access. Access Control systems also assist in recording all access movements, IN & OUT, for analysis in the event of any security breach.

Card, Biometric, Special Electronic Locks

AUTOMAT provides integrated building security and access control systems for interior and exterior doors in buildings through following identifiers; WHERE - LOCATION / WHOM - PERSON / WHEN - TIME AUTOMAT Access Control systems also include security access solutions to Photo ID systems, CCTV security and other facility / protection management systems. Employee/student data/attendance/movement Management, MIS, Bank Data Management are some examples where ACS is used effectively along with high security areas.  


Gps Navigation Development
Gps tracking

GPS Vehicle tracking and fleet Management


A vehicle tracking system gives your business the ability to track your vehicles location in real time predominately using GPS tracking. You can use vehicle tracking to help with deliveries, the planning of your sales team, the schedules of your engineers.

Vehicle tracking will make your vehicles and their users more efficient, reducing cost and increasing productivity.

There are several types of Vehicle Tracking systems but they are usually categorised as either active or passive.


Active Tracking & Passive Tracking






Route Finder

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CCTV Cameras
CCTV Managment Services

DVR, NVR, Analog Cameras, PTZ, HD Cameras



We've wide range of cctv solutions starting from high definition cameras to network based high end data analyzing IP product. 

Our camera surveillance system includes:

  • AHD Camera setup.
  • wireless setup; Remote monitoring .
  • DVR
  • NVR
  • Analog Cameras
  • PTZ
  • We ensure to respond the requirement of any customer whether small or large and full fill their concerns.

We segregate and select product to serve the purpose , based on analysis of following parameters:

  • Location.
  • Total area to be monitered.
  • Advancement of technology considering the potential threats to safety and security.
  • Budgetary factor.

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Ip Network Cameras
Ip Network Cameras

IP Network Cameras



We work closely with product manufacturers and offer special products of highest quality to overcome problems, of low lighting, night surveillance, proper motion detection, long distances etc.

Our camera surveillance system includes:


  • IP Cameras; Low light cameras, PTZ,Customized long range.

  • wireless setup; Remote monitoring .










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Ip Network Cameras
School Security Systems
School Security Systems

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School Security Systems


When it comes to school security, today’s challenges range from gun violence and vandalism to theft and the spread of germs. Mitigating these risks and improving health, safety and security in school classrooms requires a comprehensive approach to on-site security. It is important to have easy-to-manage advanced school security solutions in place when it comes to school safety and that’s exactly what STANLEY Security can offer you 




School Security Systems
Home Automation System
Home Automation System
Home Automation System

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Home Automation Systems


 We are also the automation and solution provider developing smart homes across India? We design, build and implement IoT (Internet) based solutions to make your lifestyle as easy that you can control your entire home with a touch only. Our team put effort and time into controls and automation solutions in Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, and Commercial complexes. Along with that, we work to offer you access and control of your entire home or project at your fingertips. Smart and Convenience feature, Savings, and the experience of smart living. We serve you into home automation with an enormous range of services that includes control on Home Electricals, Smart Scheduling, Smart Surveillance, Smart Locks, and Videophones. You get all these at one stop where we adopt Innovation, Intuitive and Eco-friendly technology to make you and your family live better.

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